Mike Santore

Mike was introduced to playing music in his pre-teen years after a bribe from his grandmother lead to a few years of piano lessons. At age 15 he was exposed to Marcus Miller and Jaco Pastorius. Mike quit the piano, bought a Candy Apple Red Peavey Patriot from a pawn shop and joined the High School Jazz Band.

Mike's older brother introduced him to rock and roll, influencing him with such bands as Rush and Iron Maiden, which led him to join a few rock bands throughout high school and college. He recording a few demos and played in and around the Tampa Bay and Ft. Lauderdale areas.

After a hiatus from music to focus on family and a "real job," Mike felt the need to venture out into the music world again. Mike answered a Craigslist ad and joined 5 Pound Trigger in July 2012. His jazz and progressive rock influences add a unique blend to the compositions.