The Band

5 Pound Trigger are an alternative Rock Band out of Tampa FL

John Champion formed 5 Pound Trigger in the summer of 2011. They made their debut January 18th, 2012 at Collage in Ybor City, FL. By July 2012, life events caused a shift in the band lineup and in answer to a Craigslist ad, Mike Santore came to fill the vacant bass position. After a month with their new bass player, they invited Sammy Bullara to try out on drums. On January 19th, 2013, 5 Pound Trigger hosted and organized a successful Fan Fest music festival in Zephyrhills. The band had discussed enhancing their sound and after hearing the melodic vocals of Jonny Jenaro, asked him to join the band as lead singer that very day. This addition allows 5 Pound Trigger to further evolve their sound with dynamic vocal harmonies. 5 Pound Trigger, with John Champion as lead guitar and backup vocals, Mike Santore on Bass, Sammy Bullara on drums and Jonny Jenaro as lead vocals, continuously move up in the ranks across their social media platforms, and are blessed by the overwhelming support of friends, family and fans. 5 Pound Trigger are gaining momentum in the Tampa Music scene. Playing shows at a variety of venues around the Bay Area, 5 Pound Trigger hope to gain diverse fans, and soon will venture out of the Bay area to be heard. For now, they are looking forward to the release of their first album in the Fall of 2013.